Thursday, 27 March 2014

Getting closer...

There are just 5 days to go before take off!
There are still things to tick off my list! I think I'm spending more money BEFORE I leave, then I'll spend when I'm over  there. Yeah, wishful thinking I reckon.
Anyway... I've done something today that I really needed to do, and that I ummed and aahd about, and that is whether to go to my bank and get a Travel Card loaded with destination currency, or to just get cash. After quite a bit of research online, talking with friends and family members who travel regularly, I took the plunge and went with the travel card. I feel it's safer; it's loaded with destination currency which is locked into the one conversion rate, therefore no shocks when the rate goes down, and of course also no benefits when it goes up :-) but then that's what I've paid for: convenience; no having to go to money peddlers in a strange place - just get the cash from an atm;  also no conversion rates when purchasing over the counter.
I will let you know how and if it works well for me.

Funny thing (for me) but today I also posted the very last item, which I sold on eBay, of the product I had left from my party plan business (well, a kit I bought online last year actually) that I used to be involved in. Anyway, finally the end of that from my point of view...some endings and some new beginnings ie: travelling overseas, something I have not done since Ross and I first were married. 1971 to be exact!

Still to do:
  • Buy easy to slip into shoes boring but servicable ones like these>> 
  • Comfortable and warm with a pair of socks, hopefully.
  • Print some photos off, of family to show rellies who are too old to appreciate pics on a smart phone or a screen! (hehe)
  • Download books onto my eReader
  • Buy one of those sucky bags you put clothes in and then suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner. I think that would be helpful for bulky winter items. Will see how that goes. 
That's not all, but I'm sure I'm getting closer to the end or should I say, the beginning?

Me and Hilly April 1957.
Well, I'm now really baring my soul by putting up this pic of myself and my little sis, snapped on the ship somewhere between Capetown, SA and Fremantle, Aust. on our way to Brisbane.
Fourteen days of nothing but ocean blue. What's an 11 year old kid to do? Go see a movie all by yourself and scare your mother half to death because you hadn't told her and she had visions of  'child overboard'!
Can laugh about it now, but wasn't too impressed when I had to front up to the Ship's Purser, who gave me a stern talking to. Was sure quivering in my boots then!
By the way... I'm sure you can appreciate my haircut! Goodness me, just as well I didn't really think about those things then.


Suitcase is (almost) packed!  Hard to believe isn't it? It's taken me the best of thirty years to arrive at this point.  I should have gone years ago.
Procrastination,  indecision,  circumstances,  call it what you will,  but the time never seemed quite right to make the return journey to the country of my birth. So yep, the suitcase is just about filled with still a week to go before I fly out of Brisbane International Airport and I'm just hoping and praying we don't go missing somewhere in the southern ocean!
The past few weeks I've been organizing my passport,  travel insurance, warm clothes (spring temps are currently -0C overnight  to around 8-10+C in the daytime)! and souvenirs for family and friends I'll be staying with.
My head's been abuzz. Planning, thinking about all the bits and pieces I still have to do before I go,  like copying documents,  printing some photos to show rellies, visiting the bank, downloading books to my eReader... On and on.
Oh yes and the cat needs somewhere to stay  (I don't think you'll want your furniture ruined Ton!).
Anyway, I reckon I'll be ready in good time.
Now to get those butterflies in my stomach to settle down.

PS: Many thanks to my patient daughter Tonia, who helped me choose suitable outfits and cull those not needed. Mwah!

Almost packed! I think everything will fit nicely.